Fresh install, 4.0.4, white screen

I’m not able to see the installation screen, but seeing a white screen instead.
nginx’s access logs show that it has responded with HTTP 200 so I’m lost as to where to troubleshoot next.


Can you check your PHP error log to see if any error occurs?
As you see a 200, can you also make sure your URL is really pointing at the Matomo index.php?

There’s nothing in php-fpm error log, I’m following the nginx config from here: and I’ve doublechecked that the root path is correct


At least with an nginx+php-fpm setup, the php-fpm error log only throws errors by the fpm-daemon. You can find the php runtime errors in your nginx error log.

Hi Lukas,

The only errors found in the nginx error log is the missing favicon.ico error.

Anyway, I will give up and wait for the next release and try again.