Fresh 1.5.1 install, no keywords or referring sites showing

I track several websites through Piwik. I have noticed that the tracking of keywords and referring sites has dropped off since I upgraded from 1.2 -> 1.5.1. I could find no solution to the problem, and thus completely reinstalled 1.5.1 as a fresh install on the assumption that the upgrade process may have missed something. Unfortunately, the new install does not seem to have solved this.

I found a post mentioning a possible missing PHP fopen as a culprit perhaps? Any idea how I could verify this?

All traffic with this problem goes into Direct, except for the traffic that I specifically sent into a Campaign via URL parameters. Even when I specify the keyword for the campaigns via the URL, nothing ever appears within the keywords widget, even though the campaigns properly file. No websites ever show (referrers) either.

Any idea what I can try next?

Thank you.

Campaign keywords will show when you click on the campaign name in the table row, it will expand and show campaign keywords.

Otherwise check: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Clicking the Campaign does show the keywords specified, yes. All other forms of keywords and referrers are not showing still. All traffic is being filed as campaign or direct entry on each of the websites I am tracking. There are no redirects or anything else that should lose any of this data, it is just not present. Back in version 1.2, this was not an issue, and I could see all data arriving properly. Any ideas?

Check with FIREBUG that the piwik.php request contains the referrer when you arrive on your site from google?

I have hunted through Firebug for this site after landing via a Google search. I am unfortunately not familiar with where to find the referrer information to answer your question. Google Analytics is also on this page, and I can see that it is reporting sources properly for what it is worth. Can I get a bit more detail on Firebug from you, and I will have a look.

Anyone else have any idea how I can verify this?

Look in your web server log file to see what the constructed URL sent to piwik.php looks like.