Free Open Source Matomo Tag Manager now available as a beta

The Matomo team are super excited and proud to announce the beta launch of the Free Open Source Matomo Tag Manager. It is available to the public now!

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Hi Lukas, when will the live version be available?



MTM is already available. You can install it from the Marketplace (Tag Manager - Matomo Plugins Marketplace) and report back any issues or wishes for new tags.

Current plan is that Matomo 3.7.0 will include MTM by default (disabled until a superuser opts in) and some time afterwards it will also be available on the InnoCraft Cloud.

Hi Lukas,

Many thanks for the quick reply. Does this also mean, that the current MTM isn’t a beta anymore?


It is still in beta, but without people using it and reporting back their experience this won’t change :slightly_smiling_face: