Form FormAnalytics: the fa_fields turn to be a string

When focus on one form element (such as input box), a get request will be sent to piwik with Query String Parameters, however we found fa_fields becomes to string instead of Json object in some forms

"[{“fa_fts”: 7906, “fa_fht”: 7906, “fa_fb”: true, “fa_fn”: “poNums”, “fa_fch”: 0, “fa_ff”: 1, “fa_fd”: 0, “fa_fcu”: 0, “fa_ft”: “text”, “fa_fs”: 0}]"

Screen capture

However, the correct one should be:

Screen capture

We guess that the root cause that we won’t be able to find our field records in from analytics plugin, pls. advise how to solve such issue then we can continue our test.

Thanks in advance.

here is the problem:

here is the correct fa_fields we want:


As mentioned on stackoverflow: This seems to be a bug in the plugin, so the Piwik/Innocraft Team will be able to help you if you contact them directly: