Form Analytics Bug: Cannot re-use form name

Hi there

I’ve recently started using Matomo Form Analytics and have found a couple of bugs (the other I’ll post separately). In summary, if I create a Form, then delete it, I can’t create a new Form with the same name.

Affections versions: 4.3.1, Matomo Cloud

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a form with the name “Test123”, form name “test”
  2. Save the form
  3. Delete the form
  4. Repeat step 1

Error message shown is: “The form name is already in use by another form”

Resolution: can this validation check for the “deleted” flag when looking to see if the name is in use?


PS: I couldn’t see source code for this add-on; am I correct in thinking this isn’t public?

Hi @justin.finkelstein ,

Could you please get in touch with our Support team at

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