Form Analytics Bug: Cannot modify form due to 414

Hi all

I’ve recently been implementing Form Analytics (Matomo 4.3.1) to track a many-page form and have found an issue when trying to modify forms: if a form contains lots of fields then the details for these fields are included in the URL used to XHR-POST changes to the Form definition (i.e. changing its name).

What I’m seeing in the URL is this:


I’m seeing this many times, possibly for each of the different fields that are being tracked within this form, resulting in a URL which is 22,851 bytes long - which can’t be processed by our server.

This URL is being created client-side in JS: when I look at the URL for the page I’m working with (the Form Editor), its URL is much shorter and isn’t an issue for the server.

Is there a reason why all of this field data is being included in the POST URL?

I would assume that, ideally, no data should be sent in the rest that isn’t needed (i.e. the API endpoint that’s being accessed and just the data it needs).

Is this something you could look into?


I’ve raised this with Matomo support

Hi Justin,

In the next update this issue should be resolved.


Hi Jason

Thanks for the update - much appreciated.