Form Analytics and Heat Maps

We are using Form I/O to build most of the user data capture, these are embedded in a platform which also contains a home-page structure with dashboards for form selection, report selection and some other activities.
At the moment matomo allows us to track user behaviour through the platform home-pages and dashboards but we lose sight of behaviour when they are inside form I/O - the forms that make up much of the applications - we are therefore considering asking for Form Analytics to deal with this.
We have two questions:

  1. Has anybody tried using Form Analytics with Form I/O (

  2. Has anybody tried using Heat Maps on forms pages?

Hi Micheal,

I am not familiar with Looking at the sample forms here: JavaScript Powered Forms and SDK and injecting the tracker in the console, I could not see any tracking going to Matomo. Form analytics requires a form element and these forms do not seem to have any form elements. Potentially there is a way to add this.

You can always start a trial on our cloud and test the form analytics plugin that way. Start Your Free Analytics Trial - Analytics Platform - Matomo

we lose sight of behaviour when they are inside form I/O

Do you mean the heatmap does not pickup on any actions in the form?