Force Update of City database URL


how can I re-force / force an update of the dbip urls given at the settings page? I can only switch between monthly and weekly, but not force it manually. Is there any hack to do this?


Sorry, I don’t understand your needs…
What do you mean, “monthly/weekly dbip”?

I would like to force an update of my city database, which is set here:

Is there any URL / php command, which force an update?

On the FAQ, I found:

If you are installing the databases manually, then once you get the database you want to use copy it (the .mmdb file) to Matomo’s path/to/matomo/misc/ subdirectory. All common file names should already be supported. (You can find the list of supported file names here)

So I presume that if you update manually the IP database file, the update will be updated by force :wink: