Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource

I have read through a number of your threads and wanted to “clear the decks” with a clean thread. I am hosting my wordpress site with GoDaddy with nearly ALL vanilla install. I am logged in as the first, root admin user with the native role of Administrator. Your plugin fails in a number of cases including:

  • Reporting
  • Tag Manager
  • Settings → Matamo Admin Tab
  • Summary → Full Reporting

All other links appear to work at first glance. If your product simply doesn’t work with GoDaddy hosting, then you should tell potential installers that. If there is an additional configuration needed, then you should add that to the install. If your suggestion is to upgrade our hosting or to install another plugin to add multiple roles, then we will likely uninstall your plugin as we want to keep this minimal. Thanks for what you are attempting to do. We want to see you succeed.

Can you share some examples of plugin failings?

Yes. I click on any of the above mentioned links and I see an all white page with only the message: “Forbidden You don’t have permission to access this resource”. That’s it. From other posts, you are aware of the issue, and in the past have recommended to upgrade to a full hosted server because of a security issue with URL’s ending in .php. That was a while ago, and was part of a very complicated post with a lot of trial and answers. I figured you needed a clear post to simply tell people what they need to do to fix this since it seems to be an issue for many, and perhaps you have already fixed it with some other steps. Thanks.