Footprint hide with piwik.php

Dear member and masters,

i use piwik over 2 years and this is verry good analytics software.
Now will hide my footprint for my many websites…
But after the installation the piwik.php and modify my piwikscipt in my site, is no tracking for my site possible. No visitors are counted…

What have i do:
[li] Use Piwik 1.1891.1
[/li][li] Use Joomla 1.5 CMS
[/li][li] Hosting by Fatcow
[/li][li] create a new user in piwik with admin rights
[/li][li] Use this Code in piwik.php in root from my site
[/li]// Here is your Piwik URL ending with a slash, eg.
// This URL will not be revealed to the visitors
$PIWIK_URL = ‘’;
$TOKEN_AUTH = ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxXXXX’; <---- Token from new User with admin rights
[li] use this code in my index.php from template in my Joomla Site

[li] Yes, my Site have ID 1 from Piwik
[/li][li] Go over other pc with other IP to my site and piwik not counted this visit in statistics

What is wrong? What can i do to hide my footprint?

Please, please help me and give a solution.

So many thanks!!!

Huhu Masters?

Can’t nobody sa what is wrong?

Please give me a help.

Hard to tell without further information. Can you post a link to your website?