Folder color should match a particular page


hello all who are interested: Yet the folder color in the live tracking widget says nothing about which page was visited. I suggest to give each page its own color, so green for example should always be the same page. add a list or a drop down list where one can see which color is which page. maybe let the administrator manually assign colors to pages. in auto-mode, if there are no colors left, colors restart for the remaining pages. in manual mode admin may assign the same color to more than one page. i think the manual mode is easier to code… all the best, ags


This is something I really would appreciate too.
The realtime tracking is nice, but I was a bit upset that I could not find any meaning in the assigned folder colors.

Instead of the colorful folders, I would rather like to have them all in a subtle color as default, perhaps a light grey.
And then assign colored folders to the pages through a set of URL-based rules like those for the goals.

This way, e.g. a shop owner can assign a color to product pages, another one to category pages, perhaps a color for shopping cart, one for info pages, for search results, and one for the funnel-related pages.
Then with a short glimpse he can see what visitors are currently doing in his shop.

Or did I miss something and there is a plugin for such thing?

Regards, fibergirl

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Hi Fibergirl,

This is a very cool idea… we’d be happy to work on it especially if you could sponsor it (we plan to do crowdfunding too on other features!). Many users have mentionned similar things. In general I think Piwik could do so much more for the real time report! So much potential… so little time & funds!


I did this, more or less, please test: Real-time visitors widget: Use the same folder color for the same URL by gboudrias · Pull Request #8475 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub