Flutter/Dart SDK for Mobile Development (and future PWA)

As the title says I would love to see Flutter/Dart support in matomo.
Many developers are using the android and ios native sdks right now.
Flutter is massively growing atm and many big vendors and startups are already switchting their codebase to it.
We should give them the chance to consider matmo from the start for their projects by providing a dart client.

This is a general request open for discussion.


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Flutter sounds interesting, but there isn’t really much to support in Matomo. As long as you can send HTTP requests to the tracking API, Matomo supports all features.

Of course one could create a proper dart SDK that simplifies this process, but as no one on the Matomo team is a dart developer that would have to be done by someone else.

But if you have one that is planned to be maintained for a while then contact me and I’ll add it to all Matomo SDK pages.

We created a Matomo flutter plugin which is based on the android and iOS ones