Floodlights in Matomo

A client who uses Google Campaign Manager and has active floodlights for tracking would like to switch from Google Analytics to Matomo. I assume Matomo Tag Manager doesn’t support Google Campaign Manager floodlights? What would you suggest?

Hey Melanie,

Matomo Tag Manager doesn’t natively support Google Campaign Manager Floodlight tags, unlike Google Tag Manager. Matomo’s Tag Manager supports a variety of tags, but Google Campaign Manager Floodlight tags were not officially listed at the time.

But you can use the plain HTML code in Matomo:

Use Custom HTML Tags in Matomo Tag Manager

If you’re comfortable with coding, you can use custom HTML tags in Matomo’s Tag Manager to manually implement the Floodlight code. While this may not provide the same ease of use as native support, it can be a viable workaround. You’d essentially copy the Floodlight tracking code into a custom HTML tag in Matomo’s Tag Manager and configure the triggers for it.

GTM for Matomo

Another thing is that you can run Google Tag Manager for Floodlight tags and Matomo Analytics on the website. This way you can continue to use Google Campaign Manager Floodlight through Google Tag Manager and use Matomo for your website.



Good morning,

Could you please show me an example of a custom HTML Tags?

Thanks a lot
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Hi @cak_mediamix
Just create an image whose source it the Floodlights request… (check the Floodlights API as I don’t know it)