First party data Google 2020 and Apple IDFA

Hi all,

Just wondering if Matomo or other Matomo customers have a view and any guidance on recent updates from Apple and Google about third-party and first-party cookies.

For reference, our core business is a Customer Data Platform so having web browser and mobile apps data collection is very important to us and our customers. Like most companies we use a 90-day window on cookies.

Two things we are keeping an eye on re first party cookies:

  1. Restrictions and time limits placed on first party cookie lifespan by browsers - now 7 days from Apple and Google
  2. Removal of fingerprinting from advertising platforms to bypass cookie controls (IDFA from Apple, and recent news re Facebook ID)

At a minimum means that it will be challenging to track users between visits, without authentication.

I couldn’t find any articles, insights or a view from Matomo on this subject thus posting here;-)