Fire Trigger / Count Event only once per visitor

i want to measure our cookie banner. I noticed some visitors let it open and surf through the website.
I have a trigger which counts cookie banner displays. So its counted severals times for one visitor.
But i want to count exactly this difference between:

  • customers who let the banner unclicked
  • customers, who click the banner

Therefor i need a condition “fire the tag only once per visit/visitor”.

How could that be achieved?

Maybe with segments:

  • Count the total of visitors (no segment)
  • Count the total of visitors who click the banner (create a segment for this)
    Then you get the number of visitors who don’t click (the difference between the two counts)

In fact there are three status

  1. customers which one page views who do not click the banner
  2. customers which several page views who do not click
  3. customers who click the banner (3.1customize, 3.2 reject, 3.3accept)

With the proposed segments i cannot differentiate especially between case 1and 2

In addition, i want to make a report where its displayed without any manual calculation on my side.

Sorry, I don’t find any solution to distinguish cases 1 and 2…