Finding Stats on Specific Pages

I was wondering if it would be possible to get results for how many times a specific page has been loaded or better yet to do a search for a page and find out the results of pages that have that term in the url.

For instance lets say my website is about cats, and it is dynamic so people can create their own pages…

I would like to see how many pages are about “spaying” so my first (less favourable) option is getting the results of spaying.html or what I would really like to do is search for “spaying” and have all the pages that have spaying in the URL return and see their statistics.

Is this possible?

In Piwik User interface, you can search, so yes searching for “Cats” will only display pages containing “cats” in the Page URL (or page title)

In the API you can also restrict to rows matching a value.

Awesome, you guys rock. :slight_smile: Thanks.