Find reason for tracking failures

I have:

  • a load balancer
  • 5 identically configured apache webserver, with the same websites and configuration
  • a central matomo server

each website on the apache webservers has the matomo proxy script installed, all with the same configuration

It works, but I have a lot of tracking failures showing up in matomo. And I dont know where they are coming from.

for example: cip=[ip]&token_auth=__TOKEN_AUTH__&action_name=....

the only reason for these urls can be the proxy script, but the access log of the matomo server does not show any requests with empty token. So I have no idea, what I am looking for and where I should start search.

any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I reply to myself…

the output __TOKEN_AUTH__ is only a replacement to not display the token used during the tracking request.

and the reason for this failure is, that the user, authenticated with that token, was assigned administrtor rights to the sites that were existing when the user was created.
what I did not know is the fact, that this user has no access to newly created sites. So I had to assign the adminstrator role to the new sites, and everything is fine…