Filters to display statistics by day of week

Certainly like many other sites, we have important discrepancies on the traffic depending on the day of week.

We would appreciate a feature to display the evolution of metrics depending on day of week.

1- display the evolution of metrics for on day of week over a period , discarding the other day of week. eg. display statistics for every mondays over a period

2- agregate all statistics per day over a period: to see eg. how mondays compare to sundays over a period

3- build custom metrics based on days. eg. how monday+tuesday+wednesday traffic compare to thursday+friday+week-end (or compare week-end/working days).

An extension of this could also be a filter based on dates of month, eg compare one period of month to another over a month or a longer period. How traffic differ from 1st to 15th compared to 16th-31st of the month last year.