Filtering stats by piwik user profile

Hi there !

I have a question for a use-case with Piwik.

We currently have a website where users from differents companies log-in and browse contents.

The content is mostly the same for all companies.

We would like to :

  • follow the employees from all companies page views at “our” level (website administrator)
  • allow managers of companies to view their employees pages view and other statistics.

So, the question is :
Can I have in piwik 2 types of “profiles”

  • 1 “administrator” that see statistics for all companies
  • 1 “company manager” that see statistics based only on his company user (manager from comp1 only see visits from comp1 employees and not comp2)


I see in documentation how I can “tag” the companie of the visitor via “custom variable”, but I don’t spot the way to provide “filtered statics” based on a piwik user “profile” (or something like that).

If not already possible, could you thing this kind of evolution is doable ?

Thanks a lot for this great project and future answers !


Hi there,

it’s not possible yet to restrict which data of PIwik you can show to which user. Maybe leave a comment in this issue as it’s quite related: Advanced user permissions to allow users to view some reports only · Issue #3389 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

thanks for the answer.
I subscribe to the github thread.