Filtering data with custom variables

Hi all,

We want to use piwik for our intranet.
We plan to use ‘Custon Variables’ to have custom information about :

  • languages (languages are managed at apllication level, not with the browser settings)
  • profiles (manager, assistant, etc.)
  • sectors : HR, IT, etc.

We would like to have report by using filtering based on the custom variables : what are the most visited pages of the site, the most dowloaded files, the locations, etc. for each population.
Is there a way to have such report ? May be the Custom Variable is not the good way to do that.


Yes Custom Variables is the way to go: Custom Variables Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo


I already read the documentation, but I did’t see a way to have all the reports with data filtered for a subpart a a population.
For exemple : “what are the most visited pages of all the assistant ?”

In the documentation or case study, I only seen aggregated data like “actions per visits”, “number of unique visitor”, etc.

Any suggestions ?


See segmentation: Segmentation - Compare segments of visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo

But unfortunately it’s not yet possible to create segments… BUT we are just starting crowdfunding project for it!! Check it out here:

Hi Matt,

It seems to be what we are expecting.
I understand that segments are available but only with tricky URL.
You plan to develop a friendly interface to create real segment (a friendly segment name to hide the actual URL DSL) and you are looking for sponsors for that.

That’s fine ?


Yes we can build it with your support!

Happy New Year! If you are still using Piwik and interested in the awesome new feature of “Creating a Custom Segment in Piwik and apply to reports in Real time!” we need YOUR help, with a little or big donation at:

This will allow to dynamically add or edit, a new set of rules for example “Show all visitors from USA and using Firefox and using Google”. This will be done via a simple to use interface. See screenshots and more info here:

We are crowd funding the future of Piwik and this feature in particular. With your help we can do it.