Filter the gathered data


How can I filter what data is gathered by Matomo? For example, how can I totally disable the gathering of the visitors screen resolution? In general I’m only interested in gathering the total amount of visitors, their devices and the countries of origins and would like to configure the Matomo so that no traces of anything else is gathered. Can I do this through Web-UI or the config-file?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Ok, it seems, that lots of stuff that I don’t want to gather has it’s own default plugins (for example “Resolution”. Is there a documentation that goes through all of these default plugins and what they actually do? Or are all of the default plugins necessary for Matomo to run correctly? Can I just remove the lines from config-file for the ones I don’t need?

Hi @Sraidatl
Yes, most of the core functions are split into their own ‘plugins’.
This allows you to deactivate specific plugins that track data that you do not want to track.

The simplest solution will be to disable the “Resolution” plugin to stop tracking screen resolution.

To see a list of all the plugins that are already installed in your Matomo, you can go to Settings > Plugins
All of the plugins will have a description which will explain their function and what data they track. Most plugins that deal with the data that is tracked can be uninstalled if you do not want to track that data. (such as the ‘Resolution’ plugin)

This will affect the core functionality of Matomo in some cases, so we would recommend only disabling plugins that deal with specific data that you do not want to track.

Just keep in mind that the data is still sent to Matomo, but it just doesn’t store it.