Filter results by site directory?

Sorry in advance if this is amateur hour but I’m new to Piwik style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif . That said, I am extremely impressed by what I’ve seen so far. I have a site where each user has their own “site” under a directory, for example,[/url] and [url=] Using the Piwik api, I’d like to create custom dashboards for each user so they can view the statistics limited to only the traffic that browses their directory.

Is this possible to do with Piwik currently? If not, can anyone thing of a way it could be implemented? The plugin architecture seems pretty robust. I appreciate any ideas/suggestions you might have. Thanks!

Go into your Settings and add a site for each user. Each gets their own siteid to use on their subpages.

Thanks, that seems to be the conclusion that I’ve come to after looking at the capabilities some more. I was worried that doing multiple sites might cause drastic performance problems but I think that some caching combined with some of the other options, it should be a possibility.

Thanks for the response!