filter_limit still returns "Others"

I try to get ALL search engine keywords for one siteID by API calls.
Following the discussion here and FAQ#34, the result returns ‘Others’ as last row along with 128 keywords.

It is possible that 128 is the total number - but then why the row “Others” still appears?

My API call:

$idSite = 2;
$method = 'Referers.getKeywordsFromSearchEngineId';  //Referers.getSearchEngines
$period = 'range';
$date = 'last30';
$filter_limit = 500;
$idSubtable = 19;
$url = "$method&idSubtable=$idSubtable&idSite=$idSite&period=$period&date=$date[b]&filter_limit=$filter_limit&max_limit=1000&limit=1000[/b]&token_auth=$auth";

I use Piwik v1.5.1

Matt, in my post i mentioned FAQ#34 but it should say FAQ#54 …
So yes, I did the changes to config.ini.php but ‘Others’ is still there.

It seems it is just a ‘cosmetic’ issue: in case of more than 100 results the query returns always ‘Others’ as last row.

Could you specify what change did you make to the config file ? Did you comment the configuration lines or did you change the limit ?

JulienM, I added the code from FAQ#54 to my config.ini.php which overrides the default values stored in the file global.ini.php (?)

In my config.ini.php I added:

; maximum number of rows for any of the Referers tables (keywords, search engines, campaigns, etc.)
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_referers = 5000
; maximum number of rows for any of the Referers subtable (search engines by keyword, keyword by campaign, etc.)
[b]datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_subtable_referers[/b] = 5000
; maximum number of rows for any of the Actions tables (pages, downloads, outlinks)
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_actions = 5000
; maximum number of rows for pages in categories (sub pages, when clicking on the + for a page category)
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_subtable_actions = 5000

My API call b[/b]:

$auth = ###;
$idSite = 2;
$method = 'Referers.getKeywordsFromSearchEngineId';
$period = 'range';
$date = 'last30';
$filter_limit = -1;
$idSubtable = 31;
$url = "$method&idSite=$idSite&idSubtable=$idSubtable&period=$period&date=$date&filter_sort_column=nb_visits[b]&filter_limit=$filter_limit&max_limit=1000&limit=1000[/b]&token_auth=$auth";

Everything I can think of is set to sky-high :sunglasses: and what I get are 459 rows and (still) 121 “Others”