Filemtime(): stat failed

I added a server into our load balancer today that is a new Oracle Linux 8.3 server, running Nginx with fastcgi and php. Just noticed hourly reporting is not working properly now with the following error when the archive is running. Ideas on maybe what I messed up in the new server?

WARNING [2021-04-23 02:16:06] 20571 /www/matomo/core/CliMulti.php(321): Warning - filemtime(): stat failed for /www/matomo/tmp/climulti/887d2bb2e5eef1eb4cdfeb0a2846570d299ae536525b35515a858803a20510b612542ddbe63ab99a7f0c68dc0e7cee4c30720.output - Matomo 4.2.1

Anything I can do so the previous hourly archives will run? I took the new server out of the mix again for now.



The error message comes from PHP itself and more precisely from Linux itself.

It seems like Matomo whats to find out when this file was last modified, so it calls filemtime() on it. PHP now calls stat() to ask Linux what the properties of the file are. But it seems like this fails for whatever reason.

So check if this file exists, if it can be read (and files in this directory can be properly created and modified).