File Integrity Error after Upgrading to 5.0.x


System check is flagging up a file integrity error within Windows on-prem version of Matomo 5.0.0 and 5.0.1 with the following message:

Files were found in your Matomo, but we didn’t expect them.
→ Please delete these files to prevent errors. ←

File to delete: plugins/GeoIp2/vue/src/Geoip2Updater/Geoip2Updater.vue

To delete all these files at once, you can run this command:
del “D:\Web\Matomo\plugins\GeoIp2\vue\src\Geoip2Updater\Geoip2Updater.vue”

If the file is removed, another error flags up that the file is missing. I have downloaded the latest zip file and replaced the GeoIP2 plugin folder, but the error still flags up.

Running on Windows Server 2022 with PHP 8.1.27.
Matomo install version - 4.10.0, upgraded to 5.0.1