File integrity check: .php-ini (through Plesk)

We get an error on the file integrity check:

Files were found in your Matomo, but we didn't expect them.
--> Please delete these files to prevent errors. <--

File to delete: .php-ini
File to delete: .php-version

This two files are created from Plesk. I don’t know if they are needed, but they will reappear on configuration changes in Plesk.

Is there any way to whitelist this files?

Hi @remy
This is not an error, just a warning:

Then it’s not a problem to let them.

If you really want to add these files in the white list, you could do it in the config\global.php file, where 'fileintegrity.ignore' => DI\add([
But unfortunately, your manual update will be overridden at each Matomo update…