File integration error at installation


i try to install Piwik at this moment and on the first installation page, where the système shows if i have all required stuffs, in the table, the system shows that the integrity control has been failed, probably because of a file (or more) which did not go through at the loading to the server…

I reloaded the files but it is the same message. I use FileZilla…

Do you have an idea what to do ? Can i skip this and can i go further or what to do ? Soon i must quite to go to sleep and i am afraid that i must do everything from the beginning if i close the browser…

please post a screenshot showing the error message

Hello Matt,

here you find my capture enclosed… my installation is in French but i guess you will understand. If not, let me know… this is the check up of the system before starting the database installation…

Thanks in advance !

Click on “details” and can you post screenshot of that?

Hello Matt, ok, i understood, i did not pay attention for the details, i found the file, i unzipped it again from the zip file and sent to the server, now i do not have error message anymore… thanks again !

Another question, maybe you will know the answer… i checked out the installation guide and i do not understand this sentence :
Security note: for added security, we recommend that you install Piwik in its own MySQL database and specify a username and password for a user that only has access to that database.”

What does it mean “in its own MySQL database” ? I created my database with my username, password and db name… “Piwik own db” means that i should let the server IP as the installation offers instead of “localhost” (as it should be for my db)… ???

And what is “added security” ??? The instruction says that i should leave Piwik on its own MySQL FOR ADDED SECURITY…

Ok, i have installed Piwik on localhost, i could not wait more, sorry :slight_smile:

My topic is closed and thanks again !