Few question to widget "Channel Types"

I have for widget “Channel Types” few questions:

  1. Click on “search engines” open only a list of keywords. I expect here a list of search engines like “google” or “bing” or “duckduckgo” and more. It is very important to see from which search engine page visitors come. Where I can see this?

  2. In list of keywords are nearly all keywords under “Keyword not defined” with ~60%. Why, what this means and where a the missing 40%?

  3. In the widget, I see only a few entries, where I can see all/more entries for the date range? There is on bottom “rows to display”, however that change nothing in overview for me.

Maybe someone can help me with one or the other question? Thanks!

Isn’t it there?

In my understanding, the 40% are the other keywords (that are defined!)
See also:

I think I don’t understand your question because the answer is probably too easy:

Remember that most of the time, reports are limited to 500 rows except if you defined something else:

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Thank you very much @heurteph-ei for your answers.

Basically I meant the widget in the dashboard. There you don’t see the search engines as described, but useless keywords, which are only displayed with premium access. But you are right, I complete forgotten the view in Acquisition. Thanks for this hint! :slight_smile:

Thanks here also for the link to the explanation with the “Keyword not defined”. Unfortunately, this is not financially feasible at all for a small website. I can understand that you have to earn money, but that’s more at the expense of the “little ones”.

In the widget there is as I said that you can set the number of rows, which does not change anything for me. There is no page selection.

Thanks for your help. Then I guess the widget is of little use to me and will have to look under Acquisition in the future.

Note: The Keywords (including not defined) widget is also available in the dashboard: