Few data missing in Piwik table


I work in an organization, where we observe close to 12 million actions per month. We observer data losses, where we are unable to see few actions on piwik tables.
These are straight forward datas,which go through a sequence, say step1, step2 and step3. We are able to record step1 and step3, but step 2 is missing.
We use ELB and checked the logs. We found that there were instances where, the connection to piwik server itself failed. This is occuring on all time frames (all 24 hours). We are having higher connection failures to piwik servers when there is higher traffic.
Note:Our piwik version is 2.14.3

Please help if there are any values that need to be set to help in improving the connections.

Thank you


I don’t know what could cause your issue, but I’d really recommend you to upgrade to the latest Matomo version (maybe make a copy and update it before updating the live instance).
There were tons of changes, fixes and new features since so it is really hard to say if your issue has been fixed since.