Feedback needed: Matomo 5.0.0 beta release

Dear community,

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Matomo 5.0.0 beta! This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards delivering a superior open-source analytics platform. It’s an achievement that reflects the collective efforts, contributions, and commitment of our global community.

More than 100 issues were closed for this release, spanning a wide range of features and improvements, including advancements in performance, security, and user experience. see the full list at Matomo 5 beta changelog.

How to update to the beta?
You can configure Matomo to let you upgrade to the latest beta from within the UI: see steps in this FAQ. Alternatively, download Matomo latest beta manually on

How to report feedback?
Please post any bug or question or suggestion in this forum post, or create an issue on the issue tracker at: Issues · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub.

Even if you prefer not to upgrade to a beta version, there is still a great way for you to be heard: join our Feedback panel. This will give you a chance to help out with our product research, such as sharing your views on how we can improve our existing features and input on early designs of new ones.

We hope you enjoy this new beta, and are looking forward to hearing your feedback and any bug you may find.


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Just upgraded to beta. I have a customization where we are using CampaignMedium to gather gender information. Will CampaignMedium be added to ver 5 or do I need to make some further customizations.

Also I saw Gender as an option under Behavior. How is that supposed to work?

Hi @Marcus,

Campaign Medium is still supported in Matomo 5 for use in campaigns via the mtm_medium url parameter.

I’m not familiar with your customization, but the usual way to gather additional tracking information would be via a Custom Dimension.

Since Matomo doesn’t collect Gender information, could the Gender option you are seeing under Behavior be a custom dimension added by your customization?