Feedback if update triggered from the Shell


As described in Update Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo I triggered an update (or tried to) from the shell using this command (path of course adapted)

$ php /path/to/piwik/index.php – “module=CoreUpdater”

The call immediately returned and so far (one hour later … my DB is not THAT big) I see no difference: the webinterface still tells me that there is an update. So I’m not sure whether the update is still running or whether it just failed silently on me.

What would the usual behaviour in this case be?

Or did I misunderstand it and the above command only updates the database (not the PHP-files)? But I don’t think so because on Changelog Archive - Analytics Platform - Matomo the words “NOTICE: This new version contains major database schema changes, so please be careful when running the Update script. On large Piwik setups (if your Piwik database is 100Mb size or more), make sure to run the Update Script from the Shell!” suggest to me that this is the alternative to clicking “Update now!” in the web-interface


The message is a bit confusing: the PHP call will only run the DB upgrade, first you must click the “auto update link” to download the new files.

Thanks for the clarification. Didn’t dare to click that link because I don’t do that that often and I wasn’t sure whether the Database-update would start immediately