Feature Suggestions

I decided to start using and supporting Piwik. I would like to give some comments for possible improvements:

Visitor Loyalty - How many visits? 1, 2, 3, …, >100
Visitor Recency - Days since last visit? 1, 2, 3, 4, …, >100
Visitor Age - Days Since First Visit? 1, 2, 3, 4, …, >100

Extended Liveview - full page with all users online during the last x Minutes. If you click on a user, the clickstream should be visible and information about user history.

I suggest to implement the plugin “sitesearch”. It would be important for many users, to have information about the use of internal and external (google) search terms. This could be used, to learn more about the visitors interests.

Do you think, these features could be useful?

Some other ideas concerning the liveview:

  • Cities by Geo-Location
  • Total Number of visits (with this cookie)
  • Total Actions (with this cookie)
  • Total Time spent (with this cookie)
  • Average Visit Time (with this cookie)
  • Browser and OS Icons (background could be transparent - I would do that)
  • Full page view with more information


  • Top Cities
  • Top Organsizations

User interface:

  • Other pages (like Actions / Pages) should have widgets like the dashboard (concept of many dashboards)

All Websites:

  • Website should be groupable in folders (open and close the folders with ajax)
  • Head lines of “All Websites” and folders could contain a summary of values of this category (so, you know all the pageviews of the system)
  • The Evaluation should not show -99% at the begin of the day. The percentages could be calculated in relation to the usual average at this time of the day ** OR ** show the comparison between the last periode (e. g. 24 hours) with the period before
  • Additional information in this “All Website-View” could be actions, actions per visit, average visit duration, bounce rate, returning visits

In future, please post one idea per post. Wishlists don’t help us to organize them, escpecially since some already have tickets or were suggested elsewhere in the forum.

Transparent icons are a “wontfix”. I just finished flattening the images to remove transparency, otherwise tcpdf (used by the PDF Reports plugin) allocates a huge block of memory to process the alpha channel.

Okay, thank you. Did you find some new suggestions in my list? Should I open threads for them?

Idea: You could use two sets of images for pdf and web.

mende, it takes some time but please search first. All your suggestions have already been asked and most have their own tickets already

It will be nice to organize the wish list

I have been looking at integrating this into a site I am developing and I am curious the status of the open tickets for the liveview features noted by Mende. It would be great to get the cities by Geo-Location specific visitor analytics.