Feature Request: Matomo-to-Matomo Import Plugin

The introduction of a Matomo-to-Matomo import plugin, akin to the existing Google Analytics importer, to facilitate seamless data migration between Matomo instances.

As Matomo continues to evolve as a premier open-source analytics platform, the ability to migrate data easily between different Matomo instances becomes increasingly important. This feature request proposes the development of an import plugin specifically designed for Matomo-to-Matomo data migration. This tool would significantly streamline the process of moving data for various scenarios, including but not limited to:

  • Transitioning from Matomo Cloud to an On-premise installation, and vice versa.
  • Migrating between two On-premise installations.
  • Importing specific date ranges from one Matomo site to another.
  • Merging analytics data from two separate Matomo sites into a single instance.

Key Features:
The proposed Matomo-to-Matomo import plugin would ideally include the following capabilities:

  1. Selective Data Import: Users should be able to specify exactly what data (e.g., visitor logs, goals, e-commerce transactions) and date ranges they wish to import.
  2. Site Merging: The tool should facilitate the merging of data from two Matomo sites.

Use Cases:

  • Cloud to On-premise Migration: Organizations initially starting with Matomo Cloud who later decide to move to an On-premise installation for greater control and customization.
  • Backup and Restoration: Facilitating easier backup and restoration processes for Matomo data, especially in disaster recovery scenarios.
  • Data Portability: In today’s digital environment, data portability is a crucial aspect for businesses and individuals alike. A Matomo-to-Matomo import plugin would empower users by providing them with the flexibility to easily transfer their data between different hosting environments or service providers. This aligns with broader digital rights and regulations, such as GDPR, which emphasize the importance of being able to move one’s data freely and securely. Enabling users to migrate their analytics data without barriers not only enhances user autonomy but also encourages a more open and competitive analytics ecosystem.

The addition of a Matomo-to-Matomo import plugin would greatly enhance the flexibility and usability of Matomo for a wide range of users and scenarios. It would simplify the process of data migration, consolidation, and management, making it easier for organizations to adapt their analytics infrastructure to their evolving needs.

Hi @Tore_Skaugen
Does this plugin answer your needs?

Or else does this feature request meet your proposal?

You can add a comment in it, or create a new one, in order for your ideas to be taken into account…

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Hi @heurteph-ei,

This works for transferring data between two On-Premise instances. However, it does not support the merging of two existing sites, nor does it facilitate migration from Matomo Cloud to Matomo On-Premise, or vice versa.


Our team is also seeking a way to import matamo cloud data into our new on-premise installation.

Any help would be spectacular.

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Hi @codes-caduceus
I think you can ask for assistance by email to Matomo Cloud support team.

Hi @Tore_Skaugen
I think the merge of 2 sites or 2 Matomo instances is not possible yet.