Feature for easy Server Logs integration


I would like to integrate the server logs into Matomo. In principle there is a way to do that by using the “Log Analytics tool” following this explanation:


Unfortunately I have no SSH access to my server and no experience with its handling. So it would be better to have a standard Matomo feature that is easy to handle for non-experts.

In principle there should be a way for this. The former Piwik plugin of Eorisis had this feature. Unfortunately, this Eorisis Piwik plugin is not maintained anymore. Therefore it would be nice to have such a feature or plugin in Matomo itself.

(Fabian Dellwing) #2

Fortunately you do not need SSH access to the server to use the tool.

You just need any possibility to setup a sheduled task or cron (most shared hosting providers have this) and set it up this way.


If I would have the expert knowledge for this, it could be a way for me. Since I don’t have this knowledge, I would prefer a Matomo feature that can be adjusted with some clicks in the Matomo backend.

By the way, I am not really sure whether the Matomo “Log Analytics Tool” is directly comparable to the “Server Side Tracking” feature of the former Piwik plugin for Joomla of Eorisis. I had the impression that this Eorisis plugin enabled a real time tracking of server logs.

My suggestion would be to create a similar Matomo feature for a real time tracking of server logs.

(Ronan Chardonneau) #4

Hi there,

I am not an expert too. But I think one way you could learn it, is by setting in on a local server and try to import them within Matomo. As a result there will be no consequences if you break something. I am going to see if I have a bit of time to try that out and make a video for us to feel more comfortable.


This would definitely be too complicated for me. I am looking for a feature for server side tracking that is as easy to use as was the former Server Side Tracking of the Eorisis Piwik plugin for Joomla. This feature is what I am missing now in my Matomo handling. I only had to click some option buttons, and the Server Side Tracking worked.

(Lukas Winkler) #6


The same few-clicks-setup (also for server-side tracking) exists for Wordpress provided by the great WP-Matomo plugin.

But unfortunately it seems like there is currently no maintained Matomo-plugin for Joomla. So if anyone knows a Joomla-Expert who wants to write an Joomla-extension, it would be really great.

Volunteers first :slightly_smiling_face: !


It would be great to have such a Matomo plugin for Joomla. But it would even be greater to have an original Matomo plugin or feature for Server Side Tracking, which could be used on all websites.

(Lukas Winkler) #8


There is an offical Matomo plugin for Server Side Tracking that works on every website (at least if it is using PHP):

But as every website works differently, you’d have to call the tracking function yourself as Matomo has no way to know when to call the API.


Would it then be an idea to develop this PHP client further into a real Matomo plugin?

It should also include an easy way to call the tracking function. Since this was possible with the former Eorisis Piwik plugin for Joomla and is possible with the recent WP-Matomo plugin, I can imagine that it could also be possible with an official Matomo plugin.