Fatal error occured

I got this error, I update matomo but nothing change ? Help

A fatal error occurred

The following error just broke Matomo (v3.11.0):

Cannot redeclare pvicxx() (previously declared in xx/plugins/CoreAdminHome/Widgets/luqbsljl.php:2) in xx/plugins/CoreAdminHome/Widgets/luqbsljl.php line 2


:warning: It is highly likely that there is malware on your server :warning:

More detailed response will come soon.

Matomo only uses normal file names and would never call a PHP file luqbsljl.php (with functions named pvicxx). So unless you put it there, a malware was sucessfully able to add and execute PHP code on your server. I’d recommend you to immediatly:

  • take the website offline
  • make a backup
  • remove all PHP files created by the malware
  • secure your server (find out which vulnerability the attacker used and fix it so it doesn’t get attacked immediately again)
  • try to find out what the attackers could do
  • get in contact with someone who knows more about restoring websites after hacks than me
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thank you so much ! i’ll do this