Fastest way to test if a new Tag Manager click event is firing?

I’m a long-time GA/GTM and now GA4 user. We are in the process of setting up Matomo in parallel with GA.
In Matomo, what is the preferred/fastest method to test if a newly created Tag Manager tag and trigger are firing? In GA, the GA browser plugins would display the tracking info that was recorded and relevant click events directly in the browser console.
What is the best way to get instant feedback to see if a newly created Matomo tag manager tag is working as expected, such as a trigger for a link click within a region with a specific CSS ID. Setting up specific class and ID tracking is not as intuitive as I’m used to coming from GTM, so being able to instantly see if what I set up as a “Click ID” > “Contains” or combination of ID and child class would really speed things up.

there is a preview/debug mode where you can see all that (triggers firing, tags being executed, data that is available). you can do that before you deploy a configuration.

Preview / debug a tag manager container FAQ - Tag Manager - Matomo Analytics Platform

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