FastCGI Pool Queue error

My Piwik instance has bombed again (giving 500 Internal Server Errors to anyone trying to access the page) and if I try to bring up the web interface on the server itself I get the message “HTTP Error 503.4 - Service Unavailable - The FastCGI pool queue is full”.

Is there a remedy to this? I have a feeling it’s what actually happened last time as well and I just didn’t try accessing the page from the actual web server, and it resulted in having to completely reinstall Piwik.

I’m running the latest build of Piwik on Server 2008 R2, with PHP 5.4.24

I want to make a joke about a “pool queue (cue)” but I’m drawing a blank… maybe someone could help me with that too?

I’ve seen references online when researching this error to changing FastCGI setting to accept more items in its queue, but I can’t seem to find the correct spot in IIS to change the setting. What’s more, I don’t expect that’s more than a temporary solution anyways because the queue would just fill up even more.

After digging through the processes I’ve found what I believe to be the queue, and it does indeed have a thousand or more requests in it with very very long times on each (up to 8 digit times, I’m guessing they’re miliseconds). How do I flush this queue or prevent it from filling up in the first place?