FAQ entry: detection differences/supported features between JS and PHP/image tracking

accruing from this thread (Tracking emails & email software user agents), I’d like to propose a detailed FAQ entry for Piwik that lists the different tracking capabilities (eg. user agent, screen size, resolution) per method (JS, PHP, Image etc.), as currently it’s more of a guessing game - in best case as a matrix table :slight_smile:


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Well it is making me think about a conference I recently did on the topic.
Here are the main information I have at the moment.
First level, logs:

  1. IP
  2. domain name
  3. Timestamp
  4. Method [GET / POST]
  5. landing page
  6. Redirection or not
  7. HTTP Status
  8. User Agent (browser + version)
  9. Name, url and size of the requested document
  10. URI
    Second level, let’s say Image Tracker:
  11. IP
  12. Page viewed
  13. number of pages displayed
  14. timestamp
  15. UserAgent [OS, browser]
    Almost everything except “Screen Resolution”
    Everything that image tracker can do plus:
  16. Page title
  17. Outlink
  18. Screen resolution
  19. Files clicked
  20. Position of the mouse
  21. Scroll depth
    hope it helps