Failing file integrity check

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Hello, I had been using Piwik just fine on my local computer. After I uploaded my site to the real internet, I used ftp to upload the Piwik files as instructed. I deleted config.ini to do a reinstall. However, I continually fail the file integrity check for this reason:

File size mismatch: /home/jeffcoco/public_html/extensions/piwik2/piwik/misc/generateDoc.bat (expected length: 117, found: 115)

I have tried re-uploading this file and all the files several times. Finally I re-downloaded the piwik .zip file, uncompressed it into a new directory, and again uploaded it totally fresh and untouched. Same problem! Please help if anyone knows how to fix this. I am running Joomla 1.5.18.


(vipsoft) #2

upload in binary mode

(Piwik4ever) #3

Perfect, worked great and Piwik is running fine! Thank you!