Failed to load HTML file

Suddenly I started getting this on one of my Piwik installations:

Failed to load HTML file: Please check your server configuration. You may want to whitelist “*.html” files from the “plugins” directory. The HTTP status code is 403 for URL “plugins/Feedback/angularjs/ratefeature/ratefeature.html”

It’s shared hosting, and I don’t recall making any changes on such inner directories or files.

I see in some other posts poeple offering solutions, but to me all looks like more like hacking than fixing.

Why would this start happening at the first place?


I still have this error on one site only. I checked the access logs and it’s 403 only for this file. All other pass with 200 response. File permissions are the same on all files, and changing permission on this file and parent folder did not help.

There’s no .htaccess file in the Plugins folder.

What could be the problem?


Hi there, please see faq: How do I configure my server to let Piwik serve HTML files? - Analytics Platform - Matomo


I’m glad I asked about this again, as I finally thought I should check my .htaccess, and sure, I found a line that was the culprit.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} feedback [NC,OR]

I had it there for ages among many other prior using Piwik. Still not sure why it did not appear whenever Feedback folder was incorporated, but anyway… this is the second time I find the problem in my main .htaccess file.