failed/Refused to load Container Script


The issue i am facing is that i have installed matomo locally and able to track my Web Application locally(all though numbers are not correct for all as of now) using Matomo Tag Manager.
but when we are traversing the web Application outside my local machine(via internet/intranet) those hits are not getting registered on Matomo and it’s failing with an error it’s on console.I have attached the screenshots from console.

is there is way to establish connection between locally installed matomo and the web application running outside my machine so the hits get registered?

Refused/failed to load the container script.

Thank You in Advance!!

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Check on the HTML tag of your page if some <meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="..."> is present.

Also, check on the HTTP header of the page if such directive is present or not. This can prevent the browser to load the script