Failed error loading piwik.js


I am getting an error when loading any site e.g: that has the tracking code in it… the tracking code is taking approx 5 seconds to load and then displays this error when looking at it via chrome javascript console

GET piwik.js:17
ba piwik.js:17
an piwik.js:18
av piwik.js:22
trackPageView piwik.js:27
ag piwik.js:23
trackPageView piwik.js:27
(anonymous function)

piwik is installed on a server running cpanel and everything seems to be ok there was no errors on the install etc

any ideas/pointers as to whats going wrong would be greatly appreciated.


What is the javascript code you use ?


Im using the wordpress plugin…

but i have also tried disabling this and using the code that comes direct from piwik, but the problem still exists

Please enable debugging in your /piwik.php file as per instructions in:

then visit the piwik.php Request from the requests panel in your browser, and you will see some message and hopefully error messages ?


now thats enabled its not showing that error???

if i visit:

Debug enabled - Input parameters:
array ( )
-> Scheduled tasks not triggered.
Next run will be from: 2012-09-10 12:55:44 UTC
Empty request => Piwik page
Piwik is a free open source web analytics that lets you keep control of your data.End of the page.

array (
‘PIWIK_SESSID’ => ‘6ab15d4980be7744ea401863543179b8’,
‘piwik_auth’ => ‘login=czoxMjoic2ltcGx5ZGVzaWduIjs=:token_auth=czozMjoiY2NjMzFhMmIyODgwYTg0MmNkZTcwMTBlYzAxMDViNDUiOw==:_=48be1a0d7dcf84f035980764a66619cf7ac6445f’,

Time elapsed: 0.008s

any ideas for this problem??? why is it when i turn on the debugging that the sites load up the piwik.js correctly??

That’s because you have to view the request to piwik.php?xxxxx with all the parameters. you can view it in Firefox Firebug > NET Panel in the tool. See:


not sure i quite understand … sorry… but here goes…if i visit:

then i get this displayed, but i dont see any errors?:

Debug enabled - Input parameters:
array ( ‘action_name’ => ‘Osteopath, Osteopathy & Sports Injury’, ‘idsite’ => ‘2’, ‘rec’ => ‘1’, ‘r’ => ‘984684’, ‘h’ => ‘8’, ‘m’ => ‘6’, ‘s’ => ‘48’, ‘url’ => ‘’, ‘_id’ => ‘e8e2ee733d6ee768’, ‘_idts’ => ‘1346490896’, ‘_idvc’ => ‘4’, ‘_idn’ => ‘0’, ‘_refts’ => ‘0’, ‘_viewts’ => ‘1347278455’, ‘pdf’ => ‘1’, ‘qt’ => ‘0’, ‘realp’ => ‘0’, ‘wma’ => ‘0’, ‘dir’ => ‘0’, ‘fla’ => ‘1’, ‘java’ => ‘0’, ‘gears’ => ‘0’, ‘ag’ => ‘1’, ‘cookie’ => ‘1’, ‘res’ => ‘1920x1200’, )
Loading plugins: { Provider,Goals,DoNotTrack }
Current datetime: 2012-09-11 07:06:51
Action is a Page URL, Action name = Osteopath, Osteopathy & Sports Injury, Action URL =
COOKIE _pk_uid, rows count: 0, cookie size = 0 bytes array ( )
Matching visitors with: visitorId=e8e2ee733d6ee768 OR configId=5de9c46773ced99b
The visitor is known (idvisitor = e8e2ee733d6ee768, config_id = 5de9c46773ced99b, idvisit = 924, last action = Tue, 11 Sep 2012 07:06:22 +0000, first action = Tue, 11 Sep 2012 07:06:13 +0000, visit_goal_buyer’ = 0)
Visit is known (IP =
Updating existing visit: array ( ‘visit_exit_idaction_url’ => 35, ‘visit_exit_idaction_name’ => 34, ‘visit_last_action_time’ => ‘2012-09-11 07:06:51’, ‘visit_total_time’ => 39, ‘idvisitor’ => ‘e8e2ee733d6ee768’, ‘visit_goal_buyer’ => ‘0’, )

array (
‘idvisit’ => ‘924’,
‘idsite’ => 2,
‘idvisitor’ => ‘èâîs=nçh’,
‘server_time’ => ‘2012-09-11 07:06:51’,
‘idaction_url’ => 35,
‘idaction_name’ => 34,
‘idaction_url_ref’ => ‘35’,
‘idaction_name_ref’ => ‘34’,
‘time_spent_ref_action’ => 29,

COOKIE _pk_uid, rows count: 0, cookie size = 0 bytes array ( )
-> Scheduled tasks not triggered.
Next run will be from: 2012-09-11 07:59:41 UTC
Nothing to notice => default behaviour
End of the page.

array (
‘PIWIK_SESSID’ => ‘235a7d9be997ae8162a2d3f4067c276d’,
‘piwik_auth’ => ‘login=czoxMjoic2ltcGx5ZGVzaWduIjs=:token_auth=czozMjoiY2NjMzFhMmIyODgwYTg0MmNkZTcwMTBlYzAxMDViNDUiOw==:_=48be1a0d7dcf84f035980764a66619cf7ac6445f’,

Time elapsed: 0.018s

it looks like it’s working, do you have any problem still, no data ?

its not a problem with the data, that is being received ok…

like i said in my first post… when the debugging is turned on the sites load up quickly, but when i turn the debugging off it takes approx 5 seconds to download the stats file… if you look at the 2 attachments in my first post, this is what i get when the debugging is turned off…

but like i say when debugging is turned on this does not happen


would you be able to help??

is it ok for me to just leave the debugging mode on? as it all works ok with debugging mode on…

Can you confirm that it happens every time when you turn debugging on / off / on again / off again / on again ?? If so that would be really interesting and I’d like to investiagte further !


yes, i disabled and enabled the debugging 4 times and everytime the debugging is set to true the websites load up file with no errors, but when debugging is set to false the error appears every time…

i can send over ftp details if you would like to have a look


Hi Matt

can you help?

Please send me an email with FTP access, steps to reproduce the issue, URL used to reproduce the issue.


Also please wait a few days we are releasing new version today.

Hi Matt

I have sent you a pm with the ftp details