Facing error to configuring Maxmind Geolocation

I need help to configuring Maxmind Geolocation, actually I am not able to Integrate

Did you have a look at:


Did you try thanks to the Maxmind database, or with Maxmind API?

I have deploy matomo on AWS EC2- Ubuntu Machine, but I am not able to understand the maxmind geilocation process, please can any one know the process of integration for maxmind geolocation

You have either to install and use a local IP addresses database (Maxmind DB). For this you also need install either some PHP packages OR some Apache packages…

Thank You I will install packages and check

Can I able to get geolocation using VPN networks

What do you mean exactly? Please describe how you want to use the VPN?

I mean that I am accessing matomo application using client networks ie clie VPN, not from public.

Can get the geolocation like city and country fron that networks ie client VPN.

Sorry it is not clear…
Can you describe where your Matomo server is located? And where are located users that are tracked by Matomo?
Matomo reads tracked users IP address, then looks in the Maxmind database to deduce the city + country… Then, Matomo anonymize the IP if configured so.