Ezoic crawler counts as (many&multiple) visits

Hi, am switching to Ezoic and today their crawler came (they offer also CDN/caching etc) … it is named “Ezoicstatic” or similar and each of the multiple visits was counted as a view… how can I exclude Ezoic from being tracked?


Do you know its User agent?

Hi Philippe, thank you!

this is what I saw


If you can get the user agent string sent by the browser, you can define something there (in the Measurable>Manage (for 1 tracked website) and/or Measurable>Settings (for all tracked websites) menus):

Note that if the Ezoic IP is known and static, you can also exclude the visits by the IP in this configuration page.

And there to get your own user agent string:

If Ezoic is your own browser, you can exclude yourself from visits:

→ Click on the click here link then uncheck the checkbox should prevent your browser to be tracked.