Extremely poor performance


Running on Windows Server 2022 in a 2 server setup - one for Matomo and one for MySQL. As a web server I am using IIS.

After some usage and rather low traffic the front end is nearly unreachable. It can take up to minutes to load up. Same when accessing directly from server via localhost. The performance counters on both servers are fine plenty of CPU, disk space and fee memory.

I’ve enabled logs in DEBUG mode, but so far I’ve seen nothing. Could anyone suggest what I should be looking into.

Thank you

Hi @indrek13

What is the expected traffic?

Did you test also without the DEBUG mode enabled?
Which Matomo version do you run?
Can your Matomo instance reach the Internet?
Which plugins did you enabled?
What are the archiving settings?


Removing the DEBUG mode actually resolved the issue.

Thank you!

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