ExtraTools - automatic install via the console

(Mikke Schirén) #1

One of the important things we (DIgitalist Sweden) needed was to fully automate the process of setting up Matomo - and one of the missing pieces for us were the possibility to setup Matomo with the console. So we added that, and also some other related console commands, in a plugin we are calling ExtraTools. We are still at alpha version, and we do not recommend it for production usage yet - but it would help if you would like to test it out.

ExtraTools are available from https://plugins.matomo.org/ and it is fully open source, Extra Tools - Matomo Plugins Marketplace. Repo is on GitHub: GitHub - digitalist-se/extratools

Please see the README for the usage of this plugin.

We hope that we later on can contribute to get the functionality into Matomo core.