Extra parameters in the API call

Hey there,

I have this plugin with extra parameters in the API method (campaign_id etc…).
To display Datatables that use this API method I can pass extra parameters here in the Controller :

$view = ViewDataTableFactory::build('campaignTable', 'MyPlugin.myApiMethod', 'MyPlugin.myControllerMethod');
$view->campaign = Common::getRequestVar('campaign_id', 0, 'integer');
$view->archive = API::getInstance()->myApiMethod($this->idSite, $view->period, $view->date, $view->campaign); 
return $view->render();

That’s great, my API method gets called and passed the extra parameter campaign_id.

But when I try to export this Datatable to TSV, not only does it strip the token_auth from the GET params, it also strips my campaign_id param and I land on an error message.

What I want to know is, it this possible at all? I had no trouble with this plugin up to piwik 2.2, I am now running 2.9.0

Any pointers/help appreciated :slight_smile: