Export two WP sites visit data, and nothing else, via ? to own premise

I am not able to find a scenario that copes with this.

Want to basically remove Matomo from a couple of WP sites, to ease up load on server among other reasons, and putting all monitoring on an external host. So I need to export the hit data from the WP Matomo plugin, and import it to a different Matomo site, to a created web site monitoring resource/measurable…

  1. I am unable to find how to enable the export plugin in WP. Do I really have to install a plugin (Matomo MarketPlace) to install a plugin!?
  2. Again, I only want the hits/visits stats exported, not the entire Matomo setup
  3. Is console shit the only way to do this?

So no one ever exported data from WP to own premise?

Hi SecCon,
You can use https://plugins.matomo.org/Migration plugin to migrate data from Matomo WordPress to Matomo On-primes.

I realize that, but one of my questions was that it seems I have to install the Matomo MarketPlace Plugin in WP in order to install the Migration Plugin… is that really necessary?

Yes, It is necessary to install this Migration plugin. First you need to install Matomo marketplace then this migration plugin. It is very easy task, if you still feel confusion or lack of time then you chat with me privately.

No confusion, just try to minimize plugins on my WP sites.

But it is necessary to install this plugin to migrate Matomo data from one instance to another instance.