Export Pages TSV For Multi-Level Folders


I have just started using Piwik end-December. So far: Perfectly. Thanks.
I am trying, now, to use the “Export TSV” for the Pages report. It works - for the “high level” folders, but for the lower folders the data is not exported (I may have worded this incorrectly… but, I give it a shot below)
In folder2 are htm’s that I see the reports visually/on the display. When I export, I do NOT see the reports for htm’s that exist in the sub-folder Folder2
Any hints would be appreciated.
Dave Shogren

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Copy the URL and add &expanded=1 to it,

or you can also try &flat=1


Well… I have no idea what you mean about copying the URL. I have many htms in the subfolder… and if you mean modifying the Piwik code within the htm style, I will pass on doing that. No comeback necessary…

Close this item out. I will go on the assumption that the export of multi-level folders is not possible and live with that. I have been doing such, living with the now-demised GoDaddy statistics - and, Piwik fits fine so far even without an exported file.

Ignore this item on the forum. I probably would end up wasting your time (being such a novice with Piwik).

Thank you again and
Dave Shogren

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

What i meant was to copy the TSV download URL (instead of clicking on it, do right click >copy url) then add the parameter. We’d like to make it more user friendly in the future!



I did not quite see how to copy URL and, in turn, modify it by adding a parameter – but, I DID spot the “Make it Flat” option to the right.


That will work for me.

I appreciate your taking the time to stick with me. Close this item, with a Happy User.

Dave Shogren