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Good morning,

I would like to export information about downloaded files. But clicking on that “disc”-symbol and choosing any type of format just gives me information about the total downloads - not the single ones. Therefor I have two questions:

Question 1)
How can it be realised to export detailed data?

Within version 1.5 it was possible to use a quick’n’dirty workaround:
Show all files by clicking on [+]-symbol, then mark and copy all. After that I used some copy’n’paste/ search’n’replace in my texteditor to make up a manual csv-file.

While the 1.5 displayed full path and filename, the 1.6 cuts this information after exactly 50 characters.

you only see

So the workaround does not work.

Only by mouseover you see the full path and filename - but I’m not keen on writing it down completely that way.

Question 2)
Where can I find the option to change the cut-by-50-characters? I searched in database-tables and some files but did not find anything.

If there is not an answer for 1 or 2 including a solution, the whole download statistics in piwik are more or less useless. Not only because you hardly use the data in e.g. excel - you simply have not direct overview within piwik itself… :frowning:

Thanks a lot for some hints,


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Question 1) You will be happy to know that this much improved in 1.7 beta.
Download from builds.piwik.org & update to latest 1.7-beta

For example Matomo Forums - Saturday, January 13, 2018 - Web Analytics Reports - Matomo

click on Export TSV

Question 2) It still limited in the UI but you can see full URL by hovering on the row. Maybe we could add a feature that would always display the full label? Users have not requested this often, but this can be considered!


Hi Matt,

thanks a lot for your answers. I’ll have a look on 1.7 beta… :O) But on our official site it might be better to downgrade to the latest 1.5 which is not a beta-version?

I’m a bit surprised that this feature of viewing the full path and filename immediately is not asked that often - I mean, on nearly every bigger site you have the possibility to use some downloads. And the need of hovering is not that convenient… :wink: If there has to be a limitation of 50 characters it would be more useful to “count backwards”/ show the last 50 characters - not the first ones.

I’m still searching for the file/db-table where I can alter that value… :sunglasses:

Wish you a nice day,